imzadde asked:

△ Would you prefer an asexual existence?

niklosadamant answered:



A resounding: "Yes, so I can serve without distraction, without worry, without anxiety or worry over another. Yet here I am pining about my companion…I haven’t seen him for days and while I know he is safe, I am close to flooding his study with felpuppies to remind him the earring on his ear means something…I suppose even for my kind, emotions exist."



Anonymous asked:

△ Not really very good at this. Um. Invasive... Hmm.. What's Alor's favorite position?

chemicalbydefault answered:

Against walls. He’s got a thing for putting the woman up against a wall, and going at it. Facing him or away, he’s good with either on that part. Alor’s more of “where we do it” than “how we do it” kind of guy.

Edit: Supposed to rate this. And answer it from him, woops.

I like my women against walls. Hands of them, up against the wall, seeing either their breasts or ass. Though, to be honest, the position does not matter as much as the location.


niklosadamant said: This question feels like it just got a rating of 1.

I gave it an arbitrary 4, but Alorinis is never secretive about sexual things really. Like, unless you start asking him to name partners, and they have asked to be kept a secret, he’s not one to be flumuxed by you asking how he gets down to pleasure town.

Anonymous asked:

Red rose with the initials N A on a letter

"……. Who is NA? Niklos? No, if he liked me he would jumped on me the night I tried to let him sleep with that woman…. Natalie Alderon maybe? I do not know…." He sniffs the flower, smiling anyways. "Ah well, nice rose is always nice."

"Oh! Nhaula! Her tribe name could have an A with it! Aha!" baenling

Anonymous asked:

Is Alorinis into hot blood elf men?

He is not. Try as he might, and try as other men might, he’s never looked at another male and found them sexually appealing. He knows some hot men, Tylorill, Raserus, ect. But none of them make his dingle dangle do the hot jangle.

"No, try as Tylorill might, they just don’t do it for me." 1/10