Just a heads up to everyone I World of Warcraft with - in particular my GMs that I haven’t had a chance to poke. My time for WoW is up and I have a major paper due this week and we start getting ready for finals next week with them opening up the following week. With the amount of time I will need…

Have fun with the paper! See you when you get back!



Fretting over what to wear to Lansing Correctional Facility tomorrow. I’m going with my department for a prisoner Q&A and the dress code is super strict. So of course, there’s fucking Alorinis.

[9/23/14, 5:51:45 PM] In Venere Veritas: WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME
[9/23/14, 5:51:59 PM] Alorinis: Jesus, Vikki. You’re latina, how do you not have an outfit for prison?

God I fucking hate you chemicalbydefault

Don’t act like it isn’t normal!


wyldaynjel asked:

Alleri and Renna! Don't worry about kids, they can adopt!

rennali answered:

+ Similar personality traits.
+ They would spend eternity cuddling and gabbing about boys, music, jewelry and fashion.
+ There is so much sexual tension it would make a conservative anti-gay legislation pull rainbows from its butt. Like, they are just beauty and love incarnate. If Aphrodite cloned herself and then got into a relationship with herself, that is what this would be.

There are no cons.

They would work forever. There is no equation where this would be bad.

A god cloning herself to make love to herself. Well damn.